Total Motion’s internal leasing service brings large fleets huge savings

Simon Hill, managing director of Total Motion

Vehicle management provider Total Motion is saving large fleets millions of pounds by creating and managing businesses’ own leasing services on their behalf.

Its innovative internal leasing service is winning the Leicester-based company major new contracts, as more organisations with fleets of upwards of 500 vehicles discover the cost savings and operational benefits Total Motion can provide.

For example, this option has enabled one large Total Motion customer with a fleet in excess of 3,500 vehicles to save more than £10 million over a four-year cycle.

Simon Hill, managing director of Total Motion, said: “To the best of our knowledge we’re the only vehicle management company providing our customers with an internal car leasing service. 

“Operationally, an internal service is no different to conventional car leasing but there aren’t many companies who have the knowledge and structure to be able to offer it.”

Working in partnership with Total Motion, businesses set up their own leasing company which in turn leases the vehicles to internal customers.

There is no need for customers to have their own internal fleet management resource as every aspect is managed by Total Motion from end to end.

This set-up reflects the parameters on usage and mileage, with the scheme not only making savings but turning a profit on service, maintenance and repair (SMR) as well as on vehicle disposals.

To support internal leasing, Total Motion has developed its own IT systems which manage the business and agreements.  Leases are funded using the best rates on the market and fleets are run in exactly the same way that Total Motion manages its own risk vehicles.

Simon added: “Saving customers a considerable amount of money is obviously a key benefit of our service, but internal leasing also makes life much simpler and less stressful for fleet managers and finance directors.

“Our systems run all aspects of the company’s fleet management, budgeting is easier and leasing costs are ring-fenced. 

“For any large fleet this option presents a future-proofed alternative to the normal leasing suppliers who drift in and out of the market and are bought and sold on a regular basis.

“Our total fleet of managed and funded vehicles recently passed the 25,000 mark – up from 10,000 seven years ago – and we are now the largest family run and privately owned leasing and fleet management provider in the UK. 

“Offering internal leasing to very large fleets is just another aspect of our service delivery which sets up apart and has contributed to our sustained growth.”

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