Everything required to comply with auto enrolment legislation all in one place

The team behind the Auto Enrolment Advisory group, including Leicestershire based Matthew Walne, have launched an online solution to help 1.2 million smaller businesses comply with the regulation in a streamlined way.

“AE in a Box” is designed to provide SME and micro employers with a low cost solution to compliance support.

It provides many of the services being ignored by existing programs in the SME market, including project management, employer and employee support, and a service which ensures that businesses are empowered with the information they need to continue to comply.

The system is paid for directly by the employer, is charged at £79 plus £29 per month, and is available UK wide.

Chris Daems, director of the Auto Enrolment Advisory Group said “We spent ages trying to work out how to structure a program which duplicated the service, and that would also be successful with larger businesses–and then it hit us! Why not build a system designed to empower SME and Micro employers to comply with auto enrolment.”

“We believe that our solution will help ensure that small business owners up and down the land will be able to deal with auto enrolment compliantly, at a low cost, and with relative ease.”

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