Dare to Dream – Lottery Winners from the East Midlands

While the most important thing in life is to focus on things you can control, such as your business, it’s always nice to dream as well. There’s no reason why you can’t continue to build and expand your empire while also fantasising about winning the lottery. And, if you live in the East Midlands, you may have a higher chance of claiming the ultimate prize than if you reside elsewhere in the United Kingdom. There have been many winners from the region, with Nottinghamshire regarded as one of the luckiest counties in England.

According to research from Lottoland, there is some truth in the fact that there are lucky and unlucky places to live when it comes to winning the lottery. For instance, Nottingham is listed as one of the luckiest cities in the UK, as it has a win percentage of 17.74. Bristol and Brighton have also been home to a number of winners, while places like Belfast, Birmingham, and Cambridge are considered relatively unlucky. Interestingly, there are some countries which are luckier than others as well. Austria is by far the luckiest, with a 33.12 win percentage. Brazil is one of the least fortunate, with only 11.52% of people winning per 2000 lottery bets.

Since the UK National Lottery was launched in 1994, there have been more than sixty jackpot winners from Nottingham, and a further 660 people winning top prizes of over £50,000. There have even been some EuroMillions winners, who have scooped up the jackpot from the biggest competition on the continent. This trend looks set to continue, as players from the city can now bet on even more lotteries than they had been able to in the past. Instead of buying tickets for the British and European lotteries, they can go on lottery betting sites and stake on a number of draws across the globe. These sites pay out the same amount of money as the jackpot issued in the country in which the lottery is based.

It’s encouraging to know that the winners of these life-changing sums of money are normal people, who did everyday jobs before stumbling upon their fortunes. For instance, one of the lucky people to win £45 million on the EuroMillions lottery in 2012 was a painter and decorator prior to his windfall. Matt Topham and his wife Cassey were generous with their winnings, taking family and friends on lavish holidays to Spain and New York. Around the same time, businessman Gareth Bull and his wife Catherine also won the EuroMillions. They decided to pledge a healthy portion of their winnings to support breast cancer charities.

As is clear from these case studies, the old adage “it could happen to you” certainly rings true in the UK. And if you are lucky enough to live in the East Midlands, you may have more of a chance of winning than others. Obviously, you shouldn’t be closing the business just yet. But it doesn’t hurt to dream big.