Cloverleaf chosen as name for new care home

The new Tanglewood care home on Long Leys Road beside West Common in Lincoln will be called Cloverleaf.

Eagle resident Norman Kent thought up the name and won a competition organised by Tanglewood Care Homes to find a name for its sixth Lincolnshire home.

He chose the name because the word ‘leys’ means a piece of land set aside for grass or clover, and clover still grows on West Common near the new home.

To be in clover means to live a carefree life of ease and comfort, and of course four-leaf clovers are considered a lucky omen.

“We were delighted to receive over 90 entries in our competition,” said Tracy-Ann Shelbourn, founder and Director of Tanglewood Care Homes.

“There were some excellent suggestions, ranging from local history and RAF connections to links with nature and wildlife associated with West Common.

“Choosing the winner was a team effort and the name that stood out for all of us was Cloverleaf. Thanks to Norman for thinking up such a suitable name!”

Competition winner Norman (78) said: “I was surprised to hear I’d won because I sent in my entry and then forgot all about it!

“I saw the competition advertised and I had a few minutes to spare so I had a think and came up with Cloverleaf. I’m very pleased they’ve decided to use my idea!”

Norman told Tanglewood he would spend his winnings – £100 of Amazon vouchers – on ten humidity and temperature monitors which he planned to distribute to elderly residents in the local community.

But Tanglewood bought the monitors as a bonus prize so Norman can spend his winnings on something for himself.

“I try to help disadvantaged people when I can and old people don’t always realise that they’re cold,” he explained. “I’ve given these to a few people before and I thought more people I know in the village could do with one.”

Cloverleaf Care Home will open in Lincoln in the spring of 2019, offering 72 beds for elderly residents.

To find out more about the new care home or to enquire about reserving accommodation visit:

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