5 types and uses for hard carry cases

The hard carry case offers a humbling aura. This is a practical case than can do so much and has much more about it than meets the eye. Due to their protective nature, they tend to be used in many industries, for example, marketing and sales, mechanical and industrial, and pharmaceutical and medical.

Each type of hard carry case offers unique features that are key for different uses in the different industries and that offer specific benefits.


Plastic cases are an ideal option if you’re the sort of person who needs a hard carry case for storage and protection of your equipment, product(s) or tools when in transit. They’re also great for promotional sample representation. Hard carry cases come in a variety of colours, strengths, designs and sizes, so it comes down to finding the perfect one that satisfies your needs. Some even have foam inserts to provide extra added protection.

Plastic hard carry cases also tend to be perfect for business owners or directors who need to promote brand awareness. Plastic cases are easy to print on, so the branding can be applied. It’s a great idea if you’re travelling or attending a tradeshow – it means your names will potentially be seen by many people who you come across.


Aluminium cases are perfect if you are looking for that magic touch for sample product ranges and enhancing the overall appearance with its stylish looks. These can also come in various sizes and colours, so they are a sign of quality and attractiveness if you are seen with one.

This kind of hard case is ideal for sales representatives as it keeps products organised and well protected when travelling between different appointments and meetings. Furthermore, similar to the plastic cases, some aluminium cases can be printed on, which is great for showing off your company brand and personality. This in turn means more exposure and therefore more views from potential customers and clients.


Explorer cases are known to be tough, really tough. They’re the real deal when it comes to protective, high-level, hard cases as they’re built to withstand the most challenging and harshest of environments.

They’re purpose-built to withstand rigorous industrial and military environments and also fully comply with military specs. Being shock resistant, corrosion proof and waterproof are just some of the great features that these cases have to offer. On top of this, they are airtight and interstackable. For these reasons, they are an ideal choice for many purposes, including transporting sensitive materials and keeping equipment and tools safe in volatile surroundings.

In a very unique twist, these sorts of cases are designed to withstand temperatures of -23 /+99 degrees Celsius, making these the perfect choice in the toughest of conditions as a protective case.


If you’re a person who works outside or in unpredictable climates (maybe you’re a professional photographer going to an external shoot and it’s likely that it will rain or be done in a wet climate), you’ll be needing a waterproof protector case to keep your equipment, as well as any electrical items, safe and protected.

As the name suggests, this type of hard carry case is fully waterproof (as well as being crushproof and dustproof), so in any situation, your items are well protected. These types of cases tend to have some form of moulding in them, and it’s generally designed so that the cases are impossible to break, meaning that they are the ideal solution for transporting any valuable items from A to B.

For those working in the medical industry, this case is one you can trust. This case is also perfect for those who are in firefighting, emergency medical response teams and in hazardous materials response teams.


A storm waterproof case may be the perfect option for you if you need to transport any sensitive items, expensive equipment, or any valuables. They are designed to be tough and heavy duty, but are reliable and lightweight. They’re favoured in a lot of industries as they are seen as the perfect solution for easy transportation, especially for businesses who have valuable tools and sensitive equipment that are critical to perform daily jobs and can’t be compromised by being damaged during transit.

This sort of hard case is also beneficial for other groups of people such as:

  • Police and military organisations
  • Emergency service workers
  • Professional photographers
  • Industrial repair and maintenance engineers
  • Audio visual specials
  • People who need to transport equipment overseas or through harsh environments

Due to their versatility, they are easily used by professionals in a wide range of industries. They have a lightweight designs, as well as being very protective, so they are readily accessible for anyone to use on a daily basis.


The amount of hard cases out there can seem daunting, but make sure to do a lot of research on them. They have many uses and will become a very valuable tool – whether they are used for protection or simply for carrying and transporting products. Many industries use them for their reliaable nature, as well as protection and even as brand exposure. It’s all about finding the right one that suits your industry and more importantly, your own personal needs.