2.5 Million Milestone for Nottingham Video Marketing Agency

Apricot Founder and Director, Amir Bazrafshan

Nottingham based video marketing specialists, Apricot Video Marketing, has announced that is has surpassed a significant milestone, analysing over 2.5 million seconds of video as part of an ongoing data driven research project. 

This research has provided Apricot with the insight and data to significantly improve the performance of its client’s videos as part of the firm’s Video Optimisation service.

Over the past eight years, the Apricot team has analysed YouTube video content and the performance of its own client videos and studied the engagement rate, play rate, view count and click rate to better understand how people are viewing the videos.

This understanding is critical for video performance as it informs how videos should be produced and where key information should be included within the video, helping to increase the engagement and conversion rate of the video and, ultimately, return on investment.

This work is part of Apricot’s ‘Video Optimisation’ service it provides for its clients. In addition to having a better understanding of how videos should be produced from the beginning, Apricot is then able to analyse the performance of the video once it is created and published on its client’s website. If a video is losing viewers at a certain point, Apricot can then edit or ‘Optimise’ the video to improve engagement and conversion rate.

Apricot Video Marketing’s Managing Director Amir Bazrafshan explains: “When monitoring the effectiveness of video, people can become too focussed on the number of views, when in reality this is a vanity figure and can make the video appear that it’s performing better than it actually is. On some platforms, one view is counted as little as one person watching for just 3 seconds…so you could have a million views, but that could be a million people viewing the video for 3 seconds, which is pointless. It is far better to have a high engagement rate, that is, people watching a high percentage of the video, as this shows that the video is relevant and that your audience are engaged by an influential piece of content.”

“Our data driven analysis of 2.5 million seconds of video data gives us the knowledge of how to increase the engagement rate of our client’s videos. The software we use also provides the insight to see where viewers are ‘dropping off’ and overall viewing habits, so that we can then optimise the video to maximise the engagement rate and therefore its impact for our client.”

The research carried out by Apricot is having a direct benefit to its clients’ marketing results. For one client, Apricot’s approach enabled the conversion rate of the video to increase by over 98% – giving a big boost to sales.

Established in 2012 Apricot Video Marketing specialises in creating video campaigns that gets results for clients. With clients ranging from global multi-national companies to some of the region’s largest SME’s, Apricot’s videos, combined with its video marketing strategies, deliver a provable return on investment.