Why Leicester has become a location of choice for many start-up businesses

Across the United Kingdom, there are many historic destinations in which launching a start-up business would prove a success. While that will long continue to be the case, Leicester is becoming increasingly popular among many aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to find the perfect location in which to kick-start their new and inventive businesses.

Despite not being the largest geographically, the city has the capabilities to compete with other locations including Bristol, Nottingham, and Sheffield when it comes to start-up business development and growth.

Finding a Gap in the Market and Gender Equality

Source: Pixabay

Although the city of Leicester allows for the possibility of business success, offering a product or service which is wanted by potential consumers is vitally important. At the beginning of 2018,, which is a local flower shop that is owned and run by 23-year-old Emma Parry, started operating in Leicester after being granted funding by the Sid Thomas White Loan Charity. Since the start-up business began, it has teamed up with Topshop, one of the high street’s biggest names in the fashion industry, to deliver pop-up boutiques in-store.

While the world of business can be daunting, Leicester is one of the United Kingdom’s best locations for gender equality among start-up business personnel. A recent survey conducted by Simply Business, which can be found at, has concluded that Leicester has the third-highest number of female entrepreneurs, with a greater emphasis on gender equality being central to operations.

Digital Developments

Aside from traditional high street stores, Leicester has also become one of the more popular cities in England for digital start-up businesses. In recent years, the city has seen an expansion away from the engineering, retail and food and drink sectors, with high-tech industries beginning to come to the forefront. Although location is traditionally thought of as not being a key factor when starting up a digital business, numerous factors can influence costs and success. Reports suggest that you would need five months’ savings from your salary to keep your business afloat if it was based in Leicester. While this figure may seem a lot, it’s cheaper than many other cities aside from Nottingham and Sheffield.

Companies in Leicester could take inspiration from external sources with online casino platforms such as Betfair being an example as they have laid out the model for new start-up businesses on how to grow their digital service through attracting new customers. With a range of promotions, offers and incentive-based opportunities available at, along with traditional casino games, there is plenty of choice on offer to keep prospective customers engaged and entertained. With five-year business survival rates in Leicester reportedly standing at 40.5 percent, learning from the online casino market on how to promote offers and retain customers could be influential in seeing that statistic rise in the coming years.

Bright Business Future

There are many reasons why Leicester is one of the United Kingdom’s most popular locations for start-up businesses. From gender equality to high survival rates and a growing technology industry, the city is ideal for entrepreneurs looking to take their first steps into the world of business.