Upskilling local people to create new skills sets for bespoke solution

Harlaxton Station Works offers one of the UK’s only containerised substation solutions. Harlaxton employ over 80 people and over 30 highly skilled engineers who are all based in the local community. Harlaxton pride themselves on upskilling and promoting current staff to ensure they have the desired skills in all areas. Harlaxton Station Works forms part of the Harlaxton Group located Marston, Grantham.

Harlaxton Station Works offers the UK’s best options in the developing technology of bespoke offsite built Container, GRP and Package Substation solutions for both the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Contestable Works and the our Client’s electrical infrastructure.

Harlaxton as a Lloyds accredited Independent Connection Provider (ICP), can design a solutions for both High Voltage switchgear and substation monitoring / control rooms. We ensure that they meet the multiple DNO’s stringent specifications, ensuring design approval is achieved, minimising project risk to our clients.

Harlaxton Station works pride themselves on being a complete solution. All design work is undertaken in-house by our highly experienced civil and electrical engineers, and therefore we can tailor a solution to meet project specific requirements.

Substations are assembled in Harlaxton’s warehouse facility which is situated within East Midlands, ensuring shipping timescales and project solutions are undertaken in the most efficient manner. A variety of containerised or package substations can be constructed at any one time, with a standard solution being built and inspected in ten working days.

Harlaxton Station Works skilled engineers utilise industry experience and a broad variety of respected manufacturers and suppliers for the required switchgear and components. On completion of container builds, Harlaxton Station Works will offer to provide a complete installation service, including construction of suitable foundations, cable works, jointing and full commissioning services. Alternatively, we can offer a ‘supply only’ service if required by our clients.

A typical containerised substation will consist of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) housing or a steel ISO (shipping) container which would typically include:

  • High Voltage Switchgear
  • Protection / Control Panels
  • Battery Chargers
  • Auxilliary Supply or Distribution Tx
  • LV Lighting / Sockets / Heating

One of the main advantages of building a containerised solution offsite is that the bespoke substation arrives on-site fully tested and pre-installed with all switchgear and equipment ready for immediate installation. These containers can be fully connected to the grid within one week of site delivery.

Geoff McManus, Harlaxton Managing Director added:

“The UK is growing rapidly with an immediate and growing need within the energy and infrastructure markets to meet demand. As a result the UK Government has looked to diversify the UK’s energy production ensuring the lights stay on for all users. One of the many ways this is being undertaken is offshore wind farms, solar farms and generation through battery storage all utilising containerised and package substations across the country.

Harlaxton Station Works launched in 2016 to facilitate this demand whilst encompassing a fully in-house manufactured solution which provides jobs and career opportunity to the local population. Through consultation with the local community we identified local, skilled personnel with a high level of technical knowledge whom since recruitment has already seen our order book increase necessitating the need for additional staff.

Utilised within housing and industrial schemes, up to 50% on core infrastructure costs through the use of containerised or Package Substations required for construction can be made. Compliant to National District Network Operator and Independent Operators specifications saving on costs, time and delivery. DNO and Customer substations (both containerised and package) in 11kv &33kv are available to developers, investors and other ICP’s.


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