Secure Trust Bank partnership is “coming of age” for Finance Advice Centre

The founder of a fast-growing Derby mortgage advisers says the firm has “come of age” after it entered into a broker partnership with a national bank.

Matt Cassar has hailed the rapid progress made by Finance Advice Centre after it became only the third company to be added to the line-up of intermediaries used by the Secure Trust Bank’s new mortgage division.

The move enables Finance Advice Centre to give its customers full access to the bank’s specialist mortgage services, which are only available through brokers and designed for people who traditionally struggle to get mortgages from High Street lenders.

They include contract workers, self-employed people and applicants with complex or adverse credit histories – who are precisely the customers Finance Advice Centre specialises in serving.

The Bank, which is offering an individual underwriting service as part of its personalised approach, will provide loans of up to £2m per household via a range of fixed loan deals.

Matt, a former professional cricketer representing Derbyshire and Northamptonshire, established Finance Advice Centre in 2014 and it now employs 35 advisers at its base in Derby.

He said: “Secure Trust Bank Mortgages has made a big impact in the market since it was launched last month and we are delighted to become one the first companies appointed as one of the brokerages who can now submit business with them.

“It is a real coming of age for Finance Advice Centre and fantastic reward for a tremendous amount of hard work which has gone into establishing our company as the first port of call for UK buyers whose finances mean they are struggling to get a mortgage.

“There are growing numbers of self-employed people and workers on zero-hours contracts who find it hard to get deals from High Street lenders. Secure Trust Bank have recognised this and developed a range of mortgage services accordingly, so this partnership is great news for our customers and we are looking forward to working closely alongside them.”

Alongside mortgages, Finance Advice Centre offers its customers access to a full range of financial services, including insurances, loans and utilities.

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