Quantuma appointed administrators of Manor House Schools Limited

Paul Zalkin

Paul Zalkin and Nick Simmonds of business advisory firm Quantuma have been appointed as joint administrators of Manor House Schools Limited and its holding company, Rivico Properties Limited.

Manor House Schools Limited is a privately run school in Ashby, Leicester. The school site was originally established in the early 1900s, with the latest company incorporated in February 2014.

The school is currently closed due to a mass walkout of teachers during the second week of November, which led to an immediate closure without notice to parents of the students, or the owners of the school.

The joint administrators are investigating the circumstances which preceded the closure, focussing attention on evidence of computer equipment being removed and an attempt to take control of the main school building before the landlord re-entered the premises. The police, the local authority and The Information Commissioner’s Office have all been notified.

Paul Zalkin, Partner and Joint Administrator at Quantuma, said: “For a school to close overnight is unheard of, so this is certainly one of the more unusual cases we have come across. We are currently unable to comment on specific aspects of the administration due to ongoing investigations.

“Like many smaller private schools, the school was facing significant challenges, however this does not explain why events unfolded as they did. We will be working closely with key stakeholders to conduct a full review into the circumstances in order to maximise the recovery for creditors.”