PWM Training launches Evergreen IT concept for businesses

Kettering IT training company, PWM Training, has launched a cost-effective Office 365 update service for businesses.

Named Evergreen, the service has been created to ensure that businesses are not only kept up to date with the release of new Office 365 applications and updates to the software as they happen, but they are also offered tips on how to use them to benefit their business.

The concept is simple. Companies pay a subscription fee to receive a monthly email newsletter that provides a round-up of the updates and changes, with links to more in-depth reference guides and ‘how to’ videos, saving them the time of searching the internet every time a new button or layout appears to find out how to use it.

Kerry Purdy, Director at PWM Training, said: “In our line of work as IT trainers, we saw a real demand for this kind of service. Once upon a time, your Microsoft Office software would only change once you upgraded your licence for the next version. Now, with the rise of cloud computing, the software is constantly evolving and it can be hard to keep up with the changes.

“Many users are completely unaware of the sheer number of updates that are released. Since July 2016, there have been more than 250 updates to Office 365! And whilst Microsoft does release information on some of these, it is not always easy to find.

“Each month we gather all of this information together, create comprehensive guides and videos to show businesses how to use these updates to their advantage and present it all in an easy to use email newsletter. This takes us a few days to do each month but we feel there really is a need for this and it is relevant to businesses of all sizes.

“Our first newsletter has been well-received by clients and they are really seeing the value as it results in time and money savings for them as a business.”

PWM Training is currently offering businesses a three-month free trial of Evergreen.

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