Picsolve strikes long-term technology partnership with

Picsolve, the leading digital content capture partner for world-class visitor destinations, has today announced an exclusive strategic partnership with – the company behind the Super Selfie technology which the two companies jointly launched early this year.

The collaboration will further Picsolve’s dedication to new products and technology innovation, with the team focusing on the research and development of future content capture products, and grants Picsolve exclusive rights to the Super Selfie technology. This strategic partnership demonstrates Picsolve’s advancement into new leisure sectors across the US, European and Asia-Pac regions, and follows the acquisition of Freeze Frame in 2017, which included the patented and internationally successful Experience Wall.

Seamlessly integrated within Picsolve’s innovative digital platform, the Super Selfie takes a stunning backdrop of any destination and combines it with a selfie of the visitors. Posing for a camera located in a distant and high location, multiple images are taken of the users, resulting in a video that starts with a close-up of the visitors and dramatically zooms out to reveal the panoramic scenery behind them. The technology brings together a selfie and a postcard to create a short video with an amazing zoom-out effect., a Brussels-based start-up, is breaking creative and technical boundaries to bring the ultimate souvenir for visitors in stunning locations across the world. Having just launched the Super Selfie for the first time at this year’s Asia Attractions Expo, Picsolve has already secured contracts with Studio City Macau and will see the technology installed in a major USA site later this year.

This partnership highlights the next step in Picsolve’s constantly developing product suite, integrating the digital platform with other innovative content capture solutions. For world-class destinations, the Super Selfie produces content for visitors that is ideal for brand activation. For visitors, it creates unique and shareable social content that captures their enjoyable experience.

David Hockley, CEO at Picsolve, said: “Our strategic partnership with will ensure we remain at the forefront of content capture product innovation. As we continue to expand across the globe and partner with more world-class destinations, we want to keep pushing the boundaries and finding exciting new ways for visitors to capture the joy and excitement they experience. The Super Selfie is a perfect example of that, and I’m looking forward to future innovations which will arise from this partnership.”

Raphaël de Borman, Founder at, said: “We’re very proud of what we’ve achieved so far, but to reach more destinations worldwide it was important for us to partner with a global leader in content capture. We are excited at the prospect of developing many new innovations in partnership with Picsolve over the next year. Together, I’m sure we’ll make our ideas a reality and bring many new possibilities to market.”