Partnership with Hinckley firm puts wireless charging firmly on the map

UK company Chargifi has partnered up with Hinckley fit-out and display firm The Alan Nuttall Partnership to provide businesses with convenient, innovative wireless charging for customers.

Research shows that 56% of British adults believe wireless charging should be made a free amenity in public areas, with half of us saying we’d even be willing to spend between £1 and £5 in a public venue simply to charge our phones and devices*.

The partnership is a great testament to Nuttalls’ forward thinking approach as a company which counts the UK’s biggest and best high street brands, including Pret a Manger, Fortnum and Mason, Hilton Hotels, Costa and Wasabi, amongst its clients, who will benefit from Chargifi’s solutions.

Wireless charging is going to be critical to the future environment for such businesses, as Chargifi has seen an increase in charging dwell time from 24 to 26 minutes and found that if venues can increase their customers visit by 1%, there is a 1.3% increase in sales*.

Chargifi was founded in 2013 by 27-year-old Dan Bladen, who went travelling for six months and found many of the places he visited made it difficult to charge devices easily. The service, which brings free, convenient power to people where and when they need it most, will mean businesses can encourage customers to charge their devices without the hassle of using a cable, whilst also capturing user behaviour.

Matt Hornblower, operations director at Nuttalls, said: “We’re keen to constantly innovate for our clients and Chargifi offers the perfect augmentation to our existing service, giving added value for our clients and allowing their customers to benefit from this new technology. By 2020, wireless charging will be the ‘norm’. As people choose a hotel, lunch or coffee shop based on the presence, reliability and usability of the Wi-Fi, wireless charging is fast becoming the next ‘must have’ in high street and public environments.”

Dan Bladen, chief executive officer of Chargifi, added: “As one of the UK’s leading fit-out companies, Nuttalls is the perfect platform to help Chargifi hit the big time. With clients like Costa, Pret A Manger and Hilton Hotels, we’re looking forward to working on a number of global projects together.”

Already recognised as one of the UK’s leading shopfitters, The Alan Nuttall Partnership specialises in interior fit-out, main and principal contracting, retail display design, manufacture and installation of fixtures, signage, foodservice and refrigeration equipment for retail, commercial, hospitality, leisure, foodservice and the public sector.

Matt Hornblower also said: “We would love to show our clients the fantastic opportunity that Chargifi offers, so we’ve installed the system in both our Dudley and Hinckley showrooms. It’s a perfect chance for clients to try out the system for themselves.”

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