New telehealth monitoring system reduces unplanned hospital admissions by two-thirds

A new telehealth monitoring system has enabled UK patients with long-term conditions to reduce unplanned hospital visits by two-thirds.

CliniTouch Vie from Spirit Healthcare helps patients to self-monitor their conditions and general wellbeing. The system shares data with healthcare professionals for remote clinical monitoring of changes or deterioration in the patient’s medical condition.

Studies conducted by Spirit Healthcare have revealed that the system averted 148 hospital admissions over a 12-month trial period, resulting in £117,000 net QIPP* savings.

CliniTouch Vie was built as a web-based application by Leicester-based web and mobile application developer, Xibis, with a mobile app running on a tablet that is used directly by patients.

The application leads the patients through personalised daily goals and acquires peripheral readings from connected devices via Bluetooth, or where Bluetooth is not supported on the medical device, then by the patient entering readings into an on-screen prompt. The patient’s responses and readings are immediately uploaded to a Clinician Portal web application. Clinicians using the portal are alerted if any of the responses are outside of patient specific ranges and can monitor patient’s responses over time to help ascertain trends in the patient’s conditions.

Chris Barker, Chief Executive of Spirit Healthcare said: “Managing long-term conditions is a significant burden for the individuals involved and a significant expense to health services. The NHS spends over £72 billion every year alone on taking care of people with long-term conditions such as heart failure, respiratory disease or COPD.

“Our intuitive CliniTouch Vie system has exciting benefits for the patient as they are more likely to be able to remain in their own homes and can share their care plan details and history with doctors and family. Care providers can benefit by keeping beds free and reducing hospitalisation costs. Based on the data received so far, we believe that the system can improve lives for tens of thousands of patients, as well as saving millions of pounds for healthcare providers.”

Neil Morjaria, Managing Director of Xibis added: “We’re delighted to see the remarkable results that the CliniTouch Vie system has generated over this 12-month period. The algorithms and structured question sets within the application give it a level of sophistication that is unique in the market. Consequently, its potential to support patients with long-term conditions, their families and associated healthcare providers is unparalleled.”

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