National Festival of Learning provides Northampton community with oppportunities

In support of the 2016 National Festival of Learning, which works to encourage organisations and individuals to explore and celebrate the opportunities connected to adult learning and uncover what they ‘love to learn’, Pitman Training in Northampton has revealed that the top 5 transferable skills that add value to careers and CVs are currently:- IT, Microsoft Office, Project Management, Book Keeping and Social Media.

From their experience helping local people to get a job or progress up the career ladder, Pitman Training reveals that skills in these areas are highly valued by local employers and can help to open doors to new careers, as well as up the pay scale of existing roles. Participants in the Festival of Learning are being encouraged to discover what they ‘love to learn’ and throughout the week of 13th June Pitman Training in Northampton will be offering free tasters of a range of courses to help people explore what suits them.

For those who feel they are at a crossroads, or who are at the start of their career journey, staff will also be giving their time to provide free guidance and a free 5 year tailored career plan, based on 121 consultations, is a further service being offered alongside CV writing workshops and recruitment advice.

With statistics revealing that participating in part-time learning as an adult raises life satisfaction by the equivalent of £1600 of income per year on average, 5 Northampton Manager Sasha Clinton hopes people will take advantage of this abundance of free support at the community’s fingertips, in celebration of the Festival of Learning to help them move forward in their careers.

She said: “What I love most about my job is when people call in to see us in Northampton and tell us their stories. Every week we hear how learning new skills has helped to transform lives, whether it led to a much needed increase in income, helped someone return to work after illness or having a baby, or gave someone the confidence to set up their own business. This is what the Festival of Learning is all about, getting people to think about what changes they’d like to make, and how skills development can lead to that”. She added: “Our sessions are very informal and our friendly team has years of experience to share, so people can just come and have a chat.”

Anyone interested can drop in to the centre at any point through the week or alternatively, to find out more information on the career clinics available, you can call 01933 353 519 or find visit

David Hughes, CEO of Learning and Work Institute, commented: “The Festival of Learning helps people to learn and to discover the wide range of opportunities there are to learn new skills, expand their abilities and transform their lives. Events like this are a great way to bring people together and show that you’re never too old to learn.”
Claire Lister, MD of Pitman Training Group is a huge advocate of lifelong learning, and having headed up Pitman for 18 years and now developing the International franchise expansion, she regularly undertakes CPD (Continuing Professional Development).

She said: “Sometimes as adults we forget that it’s essential for us to keep learning. We think we’ve been there and got the t-shirt and why should we have to do any more training, but It’s essential, whatever your position, to continue to develop your skills. The business world doesn’t stand still and so neither should we. Also the satisfaction of having achieved something and become a master in something new is very empowering and often we find it’s this new found confidence that really drives people to new opportunities”.

Pitman Training has been synonymous with office based training since Sir Isaac Pitman invented shorthand in 1837, and the company now helps thousands of students each year progress their careers through tailor-made study programmes and Diplomas which are CPD accredited. One to one support is available at over 100 local centres, as well as via online courses, and short seminars to help top up skills. For more information see