Motofix Group launches apprentice recruitment drive

The Motofix Group, one of the UK’s leading vehicle accident repair businesses, is gearing up to recruit a fresh wave of young people into its successful apprenticeship scheme.

The independent regional group is ‘growing its own talent’ by training young people in the skills that are needed for the future.

It is expanding the scheme to offer a further 12 places by the end of 2018 across seven sites in England, including Aldershot, Cirencester, Exeter, High Wycombe, Northampton, Oxford and Swindon to prepare the industry’s next generation in skills including business administration, vehicle damage assessment, parts, mechanical electrical & trim (M.E.T), paint and panel.

The growing independent regional group has already brought 17 apprentices on board in the last year – including four females.

Liam Kearney, CEO of Motofix, said: “We are committed to attracting young people to our industry to help us future proof our skills and resource requirements. We also want to diversify our workforce and are pleased to have four females on an apprenticeship training plan.

To develop the scheme, Motofix has partnered with Thatcham’s Automotive Academy, to develop the technical apprenticeships as well as Babcock International in Milton Keynes for Volkswagen Group technical apprenticeships.

The apprenticeship scheme – comprising six to eight block releases per annum – takes three years for those specialising in paint-shop, body repair or mechanical, electrical & trim (M.E.T), or a mixture of all three, while business administration takes one to two years.

The learners also get support from a mentor at each workshop as well as a work buddy.

Liam added: “As well as providing young people with the skills that will give them a life-long career, our scheme allows apprentices to develop as people and gain valuable life experience.”

Motofix Group, which has long-term plans to develop its own academy, has also previously held apprenticeship events aimed to inspire 13 to 18-year-olds.

The young attendees enjoyed activities such as learning how computer imaging can help to rebuild a vehicle virtually, painting demonstrations and panel repairs.

Motofix is recruiting through the partner colleges and online throughout the next few months.

One former apprentice, Idris Ali, who completed an apprenticeship at Motofix in High Wycombe, said: “If you are a hands-on learner who wants an alternative to theoretical higher education, I would really recommend carrying out an apprenticeship.

“I felt relaxed knowing that I was being taught accurate industry skills in a real working environment and these are now skills I will have for life and my future career.”