Leading design consultancy shapes future developments in South Northamptonshire

A new design guide that will shape future developments across South Northamptonshire has been adopted.

South Northamptonshire Council has a new design guide to ensure that all future developments in the District are designed and built to a high standard and both protect and reinforce the distinctive character of the local area.

The document was created by leading multi-disciplinary design consultancy IDP and updates the council’s existing guidance on issues regarding design, heritage, landscape and the built environment.

It establishes a benchmark for high quality design standards for new development and improves understanding of the specific character and context of South Northamptonshire.

IDP, based in Coventry, won the contract based on the company’s experience and expertise in the field.

The document has taken around a year to complete and included undertaking a detailed analysis of settlements in the area, taking the document to public consultation and undergoing the adoption process to become a formal material planning consideration.

Luke Hillson, urban designer at IDP, said: “We are pleased that both the local authority and prospective developers now have clear design guidance to shape future development in South Northamptonshire in order to achieve high levels of design quality.

“Design guides and design codes are common services that we provide as part of our master planning offer. This was a collaborative project which drew upon expertise from various departments within IDP including our architects, master planners, urban designers, town planners and landscape architects.

“We were very pleased to work with South Northamptonshire Council on the design guide. The local authority was fully engaged in the process and very responsive to our contemporary ideas.”

Luke added that IDP will look to update the design guide as planning policies adapt and change over time.

He said: “We hope to keep this a live document by conducting ongoing updates to ensure it remains contemporary and up to date with planning policy and responds to growth patterns across South Northamptonshire.”

IDP was founded in 1991 and employs more than 70 professionals at its offices in Coventry, London and Manchester in architecture, urban design, planning, project management and landscape architecture.