Launch of new technology ‘a dream’ for house builders and estate agents

New technology that allows potential buyers to view a property from anywhere in the world at any time, has been launched in the East Midlands, one of the first areas in the UK to have the technology available.

House builders and estate agents have seen the way properties are sold drastically change since the inception of the internet and now, Emma Sandall, founder of IML Virtual believes that an immersive, interactive 3D experience will be the next step in revolutionising the property buying experience. Using technology pioneered and tested in America, the virtual tour technology is now available for the first time in the UK.

“We’re pleased to be one of the first UK companies to be offering this revolutionary service. This equipment is a dream for house builders and estate agents,” comments Emma. “Virtual tours uploaded onto websites or Right Move can give companies an advantage over their competitors and it can be particularly useful in helping out of town buyers immerse themselves in a property – wherever they are viewing it from. For a region that attracts plenty of buyers from outside cities and towns, the East Midlands could really benefit from the technology.”

With affordable housing in comparison to the capital, extensive transport links, family friendly housing estates, varied retail and leisure offerings and high performing local schools, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire and Northamptonshire are popular choices for the tens of thousands of Londoners that leave the capital every year. The new technology would mean that property buyers in London could initially view local properties without having to factor in a visit.

Virtual tours are widely available in the industry but rather than watching a preset video of a property, IML Virtual allows users to explore at their own pace. By scanning the property with a Matterport Pro camera, a complete 3D model is able to view and tour within 24 hours.

The model created can then be shared by the builder or estate on social media, portals and websites. The technology can also be viewed with virtual reality headsets, another piece of technology that is transforming the industry.

“I know that this technology is going to prove popular with property buyers as it gives them the chance to view at their leisure and not have to make long journeys to view properties. Users can revisit a room as often as they want, get the flow of a property and examine particular areas of importance in detail. In all, buyers typically spend three times as long viewing properties with this technology than with normal methods,” explains Emma.