Innovative app proves to be a passport to success

Passport365 has been developed over the last two years, thanks to the drive and determination of Replay Maintenance’s Managing Director Garry Martin (Pictured)

Synthetic sports surface specialist Replay Maintenance has launched an app to simplify the process of repairing, maintaining and managing multi-sports assets worldwide.

Passport365 is a mobile application that has been developed over the last two years, thanks to the drive and determination of Replay Maintenance’s Managing Director Garry Martin.

The innovative app will enable grounds maintenance teams across the world to book in jobs, record their daily activity and upload images from the sites they manage, which can be viewed by asset managers in head offices across the globe in real time.

Garry Martin, who has been with Replay Maintenance for 14 years, identified several challenges faced by his customers on a daily basis and realised that they could be overcome with the development of a real-time global application.

Garry said: “Through Replay Maintenance I’ve worked with thousands of clients who are managing everything from single use sports facilities all the way up to those running hundreds of multi-use sites across the UK.

“Having all of the information about any one site, in one place and accessible on the go, will put our clients back in control of the assets they manage and will eliminate the need for paperwork – which can soon pile up.

“Passport365, will allow everyone working on or managing a sporting facility to be able to view, update and collate reports from the app either through their phone or on their desktop.

“Clients can check on each of their sites while they’re hundreds of miles away at head office or even in another country.”

The application, which can be customised with individual client branding, also boasts a reporting system, making data, statistics and images available at the touch of a button and will eliminate the need for storing physical paperwork.

The app has received praise from its early users including Gavin Lemmon, CEO at Norfolk County Football Association (NCFA).

Gavin said: “As one of the few county FAs who operate and manage their own facilities, it is imperative for us to adopt processing, procedures and technology that will make this job easier.

“Given our longstanding relationship with the team at Replay Maintenance we jumped at the chance of being an early adopter of the Passport365 asset management system.

“For the NFA to have the ability to feed into one system that has live reporting functionality is really beneficial.”

Matt Bartle, Managing Director of Tri-Sports, said: “With a wide-ranging portfolio of infrastructure projects, it’s imperative for TRI to manage client expectations in an open and honest manner which is something we’re able to do through Passport365.

“This industry-leading piece of asset management software is client friendly, and importantly allows full clarity from the initial planning and development phase through to onsite management and operation post-completion.

“TRI was founded with a commitment to operate differently in the sector, something adopting Passport365 has allowed us to achieve.”

For more information, or to register for a free 14-day trial of the app, visit: