Hinkley architects chosen for prestige project

Springbourne Homes Managing Director, Adrian Burr

A Hinckley-based firm of architects has landed a prestige project to design a “dream development” near Market Bosworth.

Hayward Architects in Station Road has been commissioned by developers Springbourne Homes to produce the plans for 20 bespoke homes on a 10 acre site in Bosworth Road, Wellsborough.

The luxury homes will replace the former Hornsey Rise Care Home which closed in 2012 and has since become a focus for anti-social behaviour and arson attacks with the once grand buildings now badly burnt out and vandalised.

Jeff Hayward, Managing Director of Hayward Architects, says he’s delighted to have been handed the responsibility to transform the current, eyesore site into an idyllic location.

Hayward, whose firm has been delivering residential and commercial properties for 32 years, said: “In my view this is the best location for new homes in the area so we are excited to have been asked to create the designs for such a prestigious development.

“We can’t wait to begin work on transforming what’s now a nightmare, problem site into a dream development that will be a real boost to the area.”

Springbourne Homes Managing Director Adrian Burr said: “This is a very special site which demands very special homes and I’m confident that, with Hayward Architects on board, we will create something memorable.

“We have worked with Jeff and his team for 25 years now and we both agree that this site will be the pinnacle of our partnership, our best development ever.”

Work on demolishing the ruins of the derelict care home and clearing the site is scheduled to begin this autumn with plots for the stylish new homes going on sale by the end of the year.

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