Helping the people of Northampton find jobs for over 30 years

Eileen Pacey, from Northampton, has more to celebrate than most in 2017, as she is celebrating the 10th anniversary of opening her own recruitment company.

Eileen, who has worked in the recruitment industry for over thirty years, took over Select Appointments Northampton in January 2007 and has helped thousands of people in her local community find that perfect job ever since.

She says the decision to start her own business was a big step, but the fact it was a franchise made the decision much easier. She knew the combination of all her experience in the recruitment sector, along with the support of a big name brand, presented her with a great opportunity to succeed.

After starting in recruitment by chance in 1986, Eileen has never looked back and has come a long way since her first role at Select Appointments Luton which gave her a starting salary of just £6000. Since then Eileen has managed a Select office in Stevenage, and then opened a brand new office in Bedford. She then returned to Luton for a few years as senior temporaries consultant and then took the manager role for Northampton for the first time. She was then asked to lead the start-up of a brand new division for Select – HR International – based in Milton Keynes and this was followed by a move into the national contracts team where after a couple of years she was promoted to head of sales. Eileen then took a 12 month secondment to the international sales team in Amsterdam in 2006. When the secondment finished she took the opportunity to take on the Select franchise for Northampton in January 2007.

Eileen explains: “If I am honest I fell into recruitment, rather than choosing it as a career. I thought to myself if it doesn’t work out then I would be in the best place to find another role! I have now been working with Select for over 30 years, and there has been ups and downs like with any job, but mostly I have enjoyed it. Recruitment appeals to me as I like helping people, and finding someone that perfect role is very rewarding.

“Taking the decision to start my own business in 2007 was a big step, but one I look back on with no regret. I have really enjoyed it so far, obviously there are strains like there is with running any business, but for the most part I find it very rewarding and fulfilling. I try to run the business with ‘old-fashioned’ standards ensuring customer service is placed above all else, whilst also keeping up-to-date with technology and social media advancements. There are 4 of us in the office including my husband. He is the Finance Director; we’ve been married 33 years and have now survived 10 years working together.

“Starting your own business can be tough, and this is why I like franchising so much. It gives you all the freedom of being your own boss and running your own business, but with the security of a successful big name brand behind you. Select is a great company to work with, and the support and training behind the scenes is excellent. Also, if you ever have a problem or are having a bad day, there is always someone there to talk to and give you advice, whether that’s someone at head office or another franchisee.

Eileen adds: “A lot can happen in thirty years, and there has certainly been big changes in recruitment. But one thing that will never change is recruitment is about helping people, and this is why I have stayed in the industry for so long. When I look back at the past 30 years I’m proud to think about how many people I have helped find a job, and I hope to continue to do this for a good few more years yet.