Girls Golf Rocks is going on tour in Nottinghamshire!

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Girls Golf Rocks is back in Nottinghamshire – and this year it’s taking new golfers on a playing Tour.

The campaign to attract more girl golfers has been hugely successful since it started in Nottinghamshire in 2016, attracting over 90 girls to the game

This year, as well as offering tasters and coaching programmes, there will be a series of playing opportunities to encourage new girl golfers to get out on the course and make new friends – Girls Golf Rocks on Tour!

These fun events for beginners will be open to all girl golfers across the county, not just those who have been introduced to the sport through Girls Golf Rocks.

This year, free taster days will be held at four clubs to attract even more girls into the sport. Each club will also offer follow-on coaching courses with PGA professionals.

Norwood Park Golf Centre – Saturday 21st April, 12.30-2.30pm

Trent Lock Golf Centre – Saturday 21st April, 1.30-3.30pm

Oakmere Golf Club – Sunday 29th April, 2-4pm

Wollaton Park Golf Club – Sunday 29th April 10am – 12pm

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This year’s newcomers and Tour players will all be supported by ambassadors from the Nottinghamshire girls’ squad, whose encouragement has helped to make Girls Golf Rocks such a success.

Three former ambassadors will also be volunteering in a greater capacity with the County Association to help deliver the project. This includes taking the lead role in planning and running the Girls Golf Rocks on Tour events. They are: England Golf’s 2017 Young Ambassador of the Year, Emma Anderson of Sherwood Forest Golf Club; Kristina Lazarevic of Notts’ Golf Club and Laura Abbott of Oakmere Park Golf Club.

Kristina, 18, said: “I wanted to get involved with the County Junior Organiser team to support the project because I’m passionate about introducing more girls to the game and trying to keep the interest of girls who are already playing.

“Being involved with the county myself through my time as a junior made me realise how much organisation goes into each event. This is why, now my time as a junior has ended, I want to give back to the county what was always there for me!”

Girls Golf Rocks is run by England Golf and the Golf Foundation in 21 counties, with U.S Kids providing 7-irons for the girls to use. It aims to increase the number of girl golfers from an average of just two full members per club and it’s having a great impact.

When Girls Golf Rocks ran in 15 counties last year over 850 girls had a go and more than 730 enjoyed it so much they went on to take coaching courses.

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