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Kia Optima – 2016

The Kia Optima – the Korean manufacturer’s offering in the competitive mid-size saloon market – got off to a flying start. It shot to the top of the Korean best seller list on launch a few years back, and demand in the US was so big that Kia had to start building them there in a new factory in Georgia. Not…

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Subaru Outback SE

German, French and Italian car makers better look out. There’s a car on the block which could steal your clothing and sell at a snip writes motoring editor Ian Strachan. I’m talking about the all-new Subaru Outback. This is a high performing all-wheel drive estate car with all the extras you’d expect and it…

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Citroen DS3

Citroen’s premium small hatchback – the attractively styled DS3 – is a consistent award winner. And its not hard to see why. This supermini has Gallic head turning style and bags of personality, backed up by good performance and some innovative ideas. I test drove the 1.6 petrol powered DS3 Prestige. It came in…

Motoring & FleetEast Midlands
Jaguar XE

Over the years Jaguar has made a few attempts to make Jaguar motoring accessible to people who have less to spend on a car. The results have been mixed to say the least, writes motoring editor Ian Strachan The S-Type was a sheep in wolf’s clothing, and the X-Type introduced under Ford’s stewardship didn’t…

Motoring & FleetEast Midlands