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Renault Megane GT

    I’ve just been driving a car which suffers from flatulence. Well that’s what it sounded like anyway. The lane departure warning on Renault’s new Megane emits a rude-sounding rasping noise from the base of the seat. It seems Renault’s French designers were influenced by Le…

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Skoda Fabia SE L Hatch

                                              The car I’ve just been driving is nippy and responsive. It’s a great drive, with a smooth, ultra-economical engine and a sporty, comfortable interior. It…

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Honda HR-V

The Honda HR-V is a car that seems to have got under the radar writes Ian Strachan This cross between a coupe and and SUV probably isn’t top of people’s choice lists.. Which is a shame, because the latest HR-V is a very good car indeed. As well as looking good, it has class-leading interior space and…

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Audi Q2

Audi is cutting sports utility driving down to size. First there was the huge Q7, then the slightly smaller Q5, then the Q3, and now, inevitably, the Q2.  This latest offering gives you sports utility driving in a more compact package. But despite being smaller, it still looks as purposeful as its bigger brothers,…

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