From Boss to Broke, Michele is on a Mission to Make Women Rich


Ten years ago Michele Walsh went from boss to broke overnight. Now she is on a mission to motivate women all over the world to achieve the business of their dreams.

Success mentor and best-selling author Michele, 56, from Darley Abbey, will hold an event next month called Manifesting Money Miracles, a live event at Yew Lodge in Kegworth in which she will help women achieve their dream business.

Michele says that being a success mentor to other women feels like her ‘calling in life’, and it is an interesting story that led her to where she is today. It begins at the age of just 18 when Michele ran her own dance school. Then in 1991 she created a computer services company with her then husband.  When they divorced she became the sole director for a number of years but found the work boring.

She said:  “Then ten years ago my best friend’s husband was diagnosed with terminal cancer. It made me realise life was too short to be in a job I didn’t enjoy. I thought ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and decided to put my company into liquidation. I had no idea what I was going to do – I was single and had no savings.

“In that time I did a lot of management work, however no one wants an ex managing director. I worked at a well-known firm but I’m used to being effective and couldn’t stand all the waste I saw, work that could have been done in two hours was taking a whole day.

“Then I went on a coaching workshop and realised I had the ability to bring out the best in people, especially women.”

Michele, whose success stories include an astrologer who landed her first big client and a fertility doctor who has 100 per cent success rate, already has a number one selling book behind her: The Big Shift: Seven Success Secrets for Small Business Owners shot straight to the top of the Amazon charts in 2016. In it she describes pulling up outside the job centre in her Jaguar XK8, feeling at a loss about where she went from there.

Michele now has clients all over the world through her coaching business DreamBelieveAttract and is confident in her abilities. She helped one woman increase her profits by £3,000 in just eight days.

She said: “Increasing confidence will increase your income. I help people to create the dream of what their business will look like.

“Every thought we have goes out there and comes back to us, whether it’s that your business can get better, you can get a better job, or a boyfriend, it will happen.

“I take a copy of my book with me whenever I travel and have left copies in libraries all over the world. My friend’s dad is 87 and had never read a book in his life but read my book.

“Wanting more in your life doesn’t make you greedy, the more money you make the more freedom, choice and flexibility you have in your life and the more people you can help too. Its win, win all round.”

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