Beechdale Group puts technology in the driving seat

One of Derby’s leading car dealerships has nearly doubled the number of sales of Alfa and Jeep by using new technology to turn traditional car-buying on its head.

Since teaming up with online car buying website, carwow, in 2014, the Beechdale Group has seen a 42 per cent rise in sales above the brands’ national average performance at dealerships across the UK.

The carwow website allows the Beechdale Group to instantly provide their best offers, along with other dealers across the UK, to car buyers looking for quotes on specific makes and models.

Since adding the carwow arm to the business three years ago, it has now become the main method of selling new cars – receiving an average of 165 enquiries a month via carwow, compared to 15 traditional forecourt visitors.

Russell Boot, who manages the Beechdale Group’s Alfa and Jeep sales team said: “We recognised that the way people shop has changed dramatically over the past decade and that we, as a business, needed to adapt to the demand for 24/7 availability. The results since taking the business online through carwow, have echoed this, not only with online enquiries overtaking that of the traditional forecourt visits, but also the fact we are now in the top three Alfa and Jeep dealers in the UK.

“It has allowed us to tap into a new set of customers – with an increase of 61% of car buyers coming from further afield as they don’t have to visit the dealership, as well as making the process of car buying a lot quicker and easier as people can fit it around when they are available, rather than when we are open.”

The Beechdale Group, one of Derby’s only remaining privately owned new car dealerships, is a proud partner of Alfa Romeo and Jeep franchises.