£12m funding record sets ThinCats up for growth in 2018

Damon Walford, CDO at ThinCats

ThinCats, the alternative finance specialist, is set to achieve new levels of growth over the next 12 months after celebrating a stellar 2017, which saw it break records, achieve full FCA regulation, treble the Monitoring, Securities and Origination teams, and undergo a full rebranding programme.

The culmination of a year’s hard work delivered a record month in December, with a just over £12m of funding listed on the ThinCats platform, which followed the biggest-ever ThinCats-listed loan of £6.7m to the Chelsea Yacht & Boat Company at the end of September.

This was all delivered after a phenomenal year of development and growth – demonstrated by a three-fold increase in the Origination team, now covering the length and breadth of the UK, and a significant increase in internal credit, securities and monitoring, improving deal flow and execution.

Further milestones in 2017 included the conclusion of a £200m funding programme for UK SMEs, alongside institutional investors including Waterfall Asset Management, and made £100m available to manufacturing businesses across the UK, in association with Hennik Edge, a networked advisory team for companies operating in the sector.

Damon Walford, CDO at ThinCats, said: “With considerable funding to deploy, ThinCats Origination has blossomed into a full team of experienced, finance-smart experts. This has brought about a number of new, key partnerships with brokers and introducers across many regions, introducing a great variety of opportunities and avenues for SMEs to access the funding necessary to grow and develop.”

Reaching these latest milestones in the final quarter of 2017, ThinCats also undertook a total rebrand in December last year reflecting the evolution of the business.  ThinCats has a brand new corporate identity and website, as well as a completely new look and focus to echo and enhance the developments within the company.

Damon added: “It has been quite a year, and we go into 2018 with a very full pipeline, new partners, relationships developing throughout the UK, and high hopes for another successful year for all.”

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